Scotland’s economy has grown slightly in May as people began to return to work, it has emerged. But despite the 1.5% increase in GDP, it remains about 22% below the level it was in February before the Coronavirus pandemic struck, new figures today suggest. It follows sharp falls sharp falls of 18.9% in April and 5.5% in March, according to the experimental figures published by the Scottish Government.

“Some parts of the economy are estimated to have seen a pickup in activity as firms and consumers adapted to physical distancing and some people returned to work.

” However, other industries across the services sector experienced further falls in output.”

The estimates for March to May are broadly similar to the UK as a whole, reflecting the similar lockdown measures in place at these times.

The manufacturing and wider production sectors, along with Retail & Wholesale and Transport services were the key sectors which enjoyed some growth in May.

Construction has also seen some improvement, with total output in the sector estimated to have increased by 8.2% in May, after falling by 40.1% in April and 6.0% in March. It remains down a massive 39% since the start of lockdown.

The services sector is also estimated to have increased by 0.3% in May, after falling by 17.5% in April and 5.7% in March.

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