The vice president of the United States Mike Pence has formally accepted the Republican nomination for the vice presidential candidate. In his speech to the Republican convention, Pence emphasized “law and order”, which was a tough approach to crime. The vice president warned that voters will not be safe if the Democratic candidate Joe Biden becomes president.

Although Pence spoke in a much more lenient tone than was previously heard at the convention, the vice president left no doubt that he was not pleased with the unrest in American cities since the violent death of the black George Floyd in May.

“We will have law and order on the streets for every American, regardless of race or creed,” Pence said, promising that the black community will also be well cared for as Trump and he will be re-elected.

“The truth is, you will not be safe in Bidens America,” he continued. Pence called Biden, a moderate Democrat, a” Trojan Horse “of” left-wing radicals.”The choice is not whether America becomes more conservative or more liberal. The choice is not whether America becomes more democratic or Republican,” Pence says. “The choice is whether America stays America.”

As part of the theme of the Evening, ’land of heroes’, Pence spoke from Fort McHenry in Baltimore, which in 1814 was extensively bombed by the British fleet in a war with the Britain. Poet Francis Scott Key witnessed the bombing and was inspired by his “The star-spangled banner”, now the lyrics of the American national anthem.

The convention was continued on Wednesday by president Trumps’s daughter-in-law Lara and his communications advisor Kellyanne Conway.

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