A woman is hoping to track down a Good Samaritan who drove several miles in bad weather to hand back a purse which she dropped at a petrol station.

Madeleine Bates, who lives in St Albans, visited the Asda petrol station by the Dome roundabout in Watford earlier this month.

She then went home, but was shocked when a man turned up at her door at around 9pm on October 7 with her purse, because she had no idea she’d even left it behind earlier that evening.

Her husband, who answered the door, thanked the mystery man and went to tell his wife what had happened.

But when they went back to thank him again, the man had already gone – but the couple would like to find him.

Mrs Bates said: “My purse had my driving licence in it with my address and he drove eight miles over to St Albans to return it to us.

“And it was a miserable night and he spent ages trying to find our house.

“My husband thanked him profusely but we were really shocked, and when he went back out to try and give him some petrol money for his troubles, he’d already gone.

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