New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has brought curfew in his city early. Residents of the city are no longer allowed to walk on the street after 8 p.m. De Blasio decided to do this after riots and looting in his city.

Protests against police brutality against black Americans fueled by the death of George Floyd run peacefully during the day. But looters seize their opportunity in the evenings.

In recent days, for example, Macy’s and shops on 5th Avenue were robbed. These include branches of Nike, Rolex, Apple and Chanel.

The curfew applies to everyone, except emergency services and vital professions. De Blasio stresses that the vast majority of the demonstrations in his city are peaceful. But the bad apples that “come to destroy things and hurt others” will be dealt with very harshly. Their behavior is unacceptable. ”

It is the first time since 1943 that New York has a curfew. Then the reason was also the shooting of a black man by a white agent. At the time, five people died during the riots that broke out. Right now, pretty much all major cities in the U.S. have curfews, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

The Empire State Building turned off the lights on Monday night in protest of George Floyd’s death.

“The building is dark to reflect on the tragic death of George Floyd and injustice and all its victims. And to insist that the damage to our great city be stopped. There is already enough loss and suffering,” it says on the Twitter account of the iconic skyscraper.

It rarely happens that the building is not lit.

In Washington DC, the protests went peacefully on Monday evening. Still, the police intervened half an hour before curfew, because President Donald Trump wanted to do a photo shoot at an old church. Peaceful demonstrators at the church were dispersed with tear gas. The mayor of Washington has strongly condemned Trump’s action.

The bishop of the diocese to which the church belongs was also furious. Mariann Budde states that Trump abused the Church “after threatening military strength, the opposite of what Jesus Christ stood for.” In St Louis, four officers were injured in confrontations with protesters. The protests across the country have been going on for seven nights now.

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