Local Man Satirised

by Michael Burton

stock-footage-portrait-of-bald-headed-middle-aged-man-with-moustache-stands-under-treeOutrage spread like wildfire through East Ardsley today over the satirising of local man Brian Pugswell. Pugswell, 45, pub owner and father of two, woke up this morning to find that he’d been satirised. Brian is well respected in the community as a decent family man and a hard working business owner.

Understandably, the satire has caused a lot of shock, upset and unrelenting fury in the local community. Pugswell, himself, had this to say: “I just don’t understand it. I mean, all my life I’ve done the right thing. I do right by people. I pay my taxes. But satire? It’s the last thing you want. It was so unexpected. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I feel violated. It feels like everything I’ve ever stood for has been undermined. I’ve got kids to look after and a business to run. I’ve got enough on my plate without being satirised.”

Many in the town feel the same. Tony Trench, who lives a few streets down from Brian said, “I feel the same.”

Fury sweeps through East Ardsley

Fury sweeps through East Ardsley

Maureen Roberts, 74, a retired cafe owner who has known the Pugswells for years, had much to say: “The Pugswells are a lovely family and Brian is a loving husband and an exceptional father. And the fact that people like him are being satirised, well, it makes you ashamed to be British. This country’s gone to the dogs if you ask me. In my day, you treated people, ordinary people, kindly. You gave them a smile and you lent them sugar. You didn’t satirise them. You gave them respect because you knew that this country depended on decent common folk. But this generation, they know nothing about that. You see them on the corner, with their baggy trousers, making wry observations about current affairs. They should bring back hanging, that’d stop ’em.”

 Many agree with Maureen. Steven Bishop, who lives three doors down from Maureen, said, “I agree with Maureen.”

 Brian finished by saying, “I just want the satire to stop. I want to get back to my normal life, back to what I know.”

 A trust fund has been set up for Brian and his family to aid their recovery.

If you have been affected by rogue satire, please contact the Brian Pugswell is Not a Tosser Trust Helpline on 0800 587 65 87


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