Op Ed: Brit Award arrogance of David Tennant. Does he have no shame?

Tennant (centre) leave Artic Monkeys stunned by shocking rant

Tennant (centre) leave Artic Monkeys stunned by shocking rant

by Michael Burton

The Brit Awards were rocked by the impromptu storming of the stage by once-respected actor David Tennant. The 42-year old star of Doctor Who burst onto the podium as the Arctic Monkeys attempted to claim their Best Album award.

Tennant shocked the nation with his garbled, quasi-poetic ramblings about dirt and marshland. Why did he do it? What level of resentment and jealously pushed the actor to not only interrupt a award ceremony he was not invited to, but one that deals with a medium he does not participate in.

For all the perverse arrogance of Tennant my thoughts go out to the young lads in the Arctic Monkeys, who were just happy to be there. The band could only stand and watch; their nervous laughter betrayed their true feelings of heartbreak and disappointment. It was meant to be their night. But Tennant couldn’t have that.

This vain man, or should I say monster barked his nonsensical gibberish in his thick Glaswegian accent. Was he drunk?  Was he high? You can’t really tell with these people.

Does he not realise in his role as the Doctor he became a role model to millions. Think of all the impressionable children who will be spouting pretentious bollocks and damaging microphones, because he made it cool.



  1. Check the facts · · Reply

    Ahh…That’s not David Tennant in the photo…This makes me conclude that this story isn’t real.

  2. chorenn · · Reply

    That wasn’t David Tennant – he’s in Canada filming Gracepoint. That was Alex Turner, the lead vocalist of the band.

  3. NerdyFanLady · · Reply

    aaahhh @checkthefacts… from what I can see, “The Hawk” is rather like “The Onion”…. First time I’ve run across “The Hawk”, and glad I didn’t actually hit it with the car….
    Alex Turner DOES look a bit “Tennant-ish” in that photo, must admit! 🙂

  4. Emily Hines · · Reply

    This is the most hillarious thing I’ve read in my entire life! Hahahahahaha

  5. It was a joke, you morons.

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