Andy Coulson: “The affair never negatively affected our criminal activity”

by Pete Wilsonarticle-2480886-191AF7C700000578-213_634x484
At the Old Bailey on Monday, the former editor of the News of the World apologised openly for his “wrong doings” and “immoral actions”. Asked by the court if he was referring to the charges of serious breaches of privacy in the name of tabloid titillation he replied:

“Oh no, I meant all the sex I had with Rebekah [Brooks]”.

With his wife, Eloise, sitting in the gallery Coulson, 46, insisted that though he was “ashamed” of his tryst, he insisted the lovers remained professional. He went on to inform the jury that he and Brooks despite their pulsating, sexual cravings were able to put them to one side and get on with the business of undermining Jude Law’s relationship with Sienna Miller.

“We were insatiable. I would be throbbing within, my very core that of a baboon in heat. But we were sensible. That was for after work. We were paid to illegally obtain even the minutest details of the Royal Family’s medical history and by god, we did it”.

Mr. Coulson informed the jury of his career in journalism. Following an apprentice with a local Basildon paper, he “fell in love” with the job, moving to the Sun at age 21, and from there the News of the World.

He was in charge of the Sunday paper when the phone of brutally murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler was hacked in 2002.

“The last thing I want is for people to think is that I was anything but professional”.



  1. Jack hughes · · Reply

    What’s happening with the Tommy Sheridan goings on, has it all been dropped?

  2. thenewnumber6 · · Reply

    Nothing changes. The media version of Matthew Hopkins with a bit of sexual drama to tittilate the beying mob who swallow their daily amount of journalistic crap.

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