UK teachers treat students to end of term ‘fun day’; nurse hangovers.

tiredteacherUp and down the country, children are counting down the minutes until the start of their Christmas holidays.

“They’re so excited”, says Mrs. Henderson, “but if Callum doesn’t stop with that damn Transformer thing I’m going to throw him out the window.” As the students become increasingly raucous, she informs them that there is a special present hidden somewhere in the school for the first one to find. “That’ll kill a couple of hours.”

Mrs. Henderson, her eyes red raw, goes underneath her desk to reveal a bacon bin lid of staggering size. “You’re going to have to leave now.”

Elsewhere at Ted Heath Memorial Secondary, Mr. Foley is letting his Year 10s watch films. They are currently enjoying Men In Black 2, allowing their teacher to remain motionless and away from natural light.

His colleague across the hall, Mr. Hepworth, is much more talkative. “Yeah everyone’s a little knackered from last night. Staff night out!” he chuckles, taking a sip from his mug. “Letting the kids mess around isn’t just for them you know.”

Looking around his classroom, the students are lively and talkative. Mr. Hepworth is in a good mood. “Its been quite a term, I can’t wait for next year!”, he says enthusiastically. Just then Mr. Foley, pale and sweating, pops his head around the door.

“Hey Terry, can I get some of the-”

Mr. Hepworth pours Mr. Foley a drink from his flask. Good coffee must be in high demand today I joke. The two men look at me.

“Ha, yeah,” says Mr. Hepworth, “coffee”.

My final interview was intended to be with the PE Department, however the Sports Centre proved locked. A note stuck to the window informed me that the staff are rehearsing for ‘a White Christmas’ and are not to be disturbed.


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