Recurring COVID-19 outbreaks rips of the canvas of British unity. Cities may be quarantined based on decisions taken by police and medical authorities and the reasons for it are vaguely defined. The legal basis for the actions are neither complete nor clear. The country risks to submerge in an archipelago of separate realities with nothing than blocked roads connecting the nation.

It is not yet clear what caused the new corona outbreak in the central English city of Leicester. The population has to go into a severe quarantine again after it was revealed yesterday that a large number of infections with the coronavirus had been added about 900 in the past week.

It is striking that many children and young people under 18 are infected. That is why schools must also be closed from Thursday. The number of infections in the past week was 135 per 100,000 inhabitants. That’s three times the number of most infections after Leicester and ten percent of the total in the UK in the past week, the government said. Six to ten people are admitted to the hospital every day, which is also more than in other places.

Britain is already behind the facts anyway compared to the rest of Europe. Here most of the economy is still closed. Many of the infections have been found in a neighborhood in the east of the city. It is a poor, densely populated area, with large families in small houses. It is difficult to keep a distance there.

The lockdown comes a few days before the national relaxation of a number of measures, such as the opening of restaurants and cafes. That will not apply to Leicester and the immediate vicinity of the city in the county of Leicestershire, said Health Minister Matt Hancock.

Stores that do not sell basic necessities will close as of today, two weeks after the reopening after the national outbreak. These are “difficult but necessary decisions” for the people of Leicester, home to some 350,000 people. It is the strictest local lockdown to date in the UK.

The better the rules are followed, the sooner we will get the virus under control and Leicester will be able to return to normal.

Legal changes will be announced in the coming days, as a number of measures taken require a legal basis. In some cases, the lockdown will be enforced by the police. Checking will be difficult as long as we don’t know which area it concerns.

Great Britain has nearly 44,000 corona deaths, making it the hardest hit country in Europe.

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