Jeffrey Epstein’s confidante, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested in US and charged with enticement of minors and sex trafficking of children. The event deals a deathly blow to some part of establishment and revives worries about involvement of Prince Andrew in the global brothel Ghislaine Maxwell has established. Persons as far as close as Clinton’s and as far as Timur Kulibayev may suffer from the ongoing investigation.

“During the short time I spent with him, I never saw any suspicious behaviour that would lead to his arrest later,” said the prince of Epstein, who was convicted in 2008 of inciting prostitution. “I have previously stated that it was a mistake to see him in 2010 after his release and I can only repeat that I am sorry that I was mistaken in what I thought I knew about him and that it was clearly not the real person, given what we know now. ”

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts
Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts. By the way, do you see the suffering? Me neither. Credits –

There is catch though. This is prince Andrew pictured with one of the, let’s say, Epstein’s dollies. Later her accusations will lead to the arrest and conviction of Jeffrey Epstein. It seams that the contacts were somewhat deeper than prince wants to acknowledge.

Prince Andrew becomes increasingly entangled in the late Jeffrey Epstein affair. Following the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell in New Hampshire, the US prosecutor asked the Prince to be interrogated. It is widely known and even documented that Andrew had connection with Maxwell’s girls. The pressure to reveal the nature of the connection and other persons involved in what is vaguely considered as ‘paedophile ring’ is mounting. Prince claims that he already cooperated with the FBI’s investigation. FBI doesn’t agree with him and demand a full-scale interrogation. Truly, Andrew affection to the very lows of the high world of finances is kicking back. In addition to Maxwell and Epstein Prince Andrew dubious ties include Kazakhstan dictator’s son-in-law Timur Kulibayev and Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam, some suspicious socialites as Goga Ashkenazi and Ilham Aliyev, the president of Azerbaijan.

Excluding the Epstein and Maxwell who seemingly were Andrew’s soulmates, everyone other seems to be connected to the very definite substance: oil. Timur Kulibayev is acknowledged king of the Kazakhstan’s oil industry, so is Aliyev and his clan. The Sun characterized his friends as ‘the worst detritus of the international rich‘.

Timur Kulibayev and Goga Ashkenazi connection is particularly risky. The ties with Timur Kulibayev led to the accusation of taking bribes in the name of the British royal family to allow Nursultan Nazarbayev’s son-in-law to the very heights of the country’s society. Prince Andrew even asked Coutts to accept Timur Kulibayev’s money. Bank informally commented that it rather prefers ‘do not touch the Kazakh oligarch money with a bargepole’.

“This was not, to put it mildly, a meeting that we would have been keen to take. Kazakh oligarchs are the sort of people we generally don’t touch with a bargepole.”

Timur bought the Sunninghill Park, the former Queen’s wedding present, in 2007. He overshoot the asking price for a neglected mansion for a whole £3m which is viewed as covert bribe. Prince Andrew denied the allegation and it was never formally investigated. Timur Kulibayev allowed the Sunninghill Park to rot and then demolished. It is fully rebuilt from ground and now is a luxurious monument of selective McMafia law implementation. Perhaps the extra three millions Timur Kulibayev paid found the right hands after all.

Goga Ashkenazi is even closer to both Timur Kulibayev and Prince Andrew. Allegedly she was a lover of both Timur Kulibayev and the prince. The rumour, quite evidence-based, considers that she have even common children with Kulibayev. And the prince was so happy with her that he caught the Queen by surprise and introduced Goga to her mother.

Andrew and Goga Ashkenazi. What a hat!

As for now Andrew denies all allegations but the meeting and interrogation by US authorities seems to be inevitable. More and more facts will be uncovered and God only knows who will join Epstein party after all.

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