COVID-19 cure, a much desired Philosopher’s stone of early 2020, remains at large. The evasive and vaguely defined character of the illness itself proves to be a problem. It didn’t hold the high expectations back. In fact, the news that one drug or an other – chosen quite arbitrary – showed some activity against the disease are driving markets crazy. In my view it is something overreaction on a mild 0,0047 percent mortality so far. Most of the deceased were at their 80’s.

One of the contenders, a drug called Remdesvir, upset today’s wolves of Wall Street especially hard. The drug has managed to statistically improve the health of the test group of patients. But only for a period of five days. During the ten-day period no effects were traced and the expensive drug is no more effective as sugar pills.

This is not the first time Remdesvir failed. It was tried as a potential cure for Ebola fever some years ago. Without success though. Maybe it just waits for the disease it will be effective for.

The news had dramatic effects on the stock exchange. The US stock fell remarkedly on Monday.

The American pharmaceutical watchdog FDA previously granted accelerated approval for the use of Remdesivir to treat seriously ill corona patients. This has also happened in several countries recently. However, there are still several studies into how effective the drug actually is in the treatment of Covid-19.

A previous study seemed to indicate that Remdesivir mainly works in less severe cases of corona. In other words it is pointless. The researchers also reported that Remdesivir is best given in combination with other treatments, as many patients who still received it still died. It also comes with own side effects, which can be life-threatening.

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